Jun 092012

If you needed any more proof that Android’s leverage with carriers was non-existent, look no further than Dropbox’s latest announcement that owners of Samsung’s new Galaxy S III, who were promised a free 50 GB of storage from Dropbox for 2 years, now won’t be getting it in the U.S. – at least not from its 2 largest carriers – because neither Verizon and AT&T are going to allow it.

Verizon and AT&T discuss their market penetration strategy

I have to admit, when Sammy was on stage – between batshit crazy marketing videos – and initially announced this feature, I gave them props. Dropbox is a great service and 50 GB of free storage (even if it was for only 2 years) is a windfall. If I could arch one eyebrow, I would have done so. Leave it to carriers to swoop in and swipe a major selling point. Keep up the good work, guys. Lord knows if Google can’t get more than 7.1% of you to adopt its latest smartphone OS, they certainly can’t do anything about your kiboshing 50 GBs of free storage. This train has officially flown off the rails and is hanging in mid-air, waiting for its inevitable thunderous crash.

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