Jun 212012

Seems like only a few months ago Microsoft announced the fruits of its partnership with beleaguered Nokia. Actually, it was only a few months ago. Released in April, the Lumia 900 was launched with much fanfare, and promptly fell on its face. It was a big, inexpensive smartphone that brought little else to the table aside from its tiled start screen. The reviews were meh. But it was something to build on.

Or something to burn down and start over from.

Yesterday, Microsoft announced its eagerly anticipated update to Windows Phone 7 in line with the announcement of the Windows 8 Surface tablets and with that announcement, they buried their 3 month old flagship. That’s not entirely true: Windows did announce an upgrade for current WP 7.5 customers. Windows 7.8 will bring many of the Windows 8 features to folks that just bought their 900s. Not only will they get the “re-imagined” Windows 8 Start screen, they’ll be able to resize those tiles (three tile sizes instead of one!). They also get WP 8’s ability to perform updates from the phone. You might ask what the point of the last feature is, given that the road ahead of 7.8 reads “Bridge Out”.

It gets worse. Not only are none of the other features of Windows Phone 8 coming to the WP 7 users, apps written for WP 8 won’t be compatible with 7.8. It’s fair to say between now and this fall, when WP 8 is scheduled for release, you won’t see a ton of development on the side of the tracks with the warehouse buildings and the brothel.

And you thought iOS legacy support was brutal.

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