Jun 282012

One of the most influential people working at Apple during Steve Jobs’s tenure, Bob Mansfield, SVP of Hardware Engineering, is retiring after 13 years.

I’ve never seen them together. Coincidence?

In all seriousness, he’s the guy that since 1999 looked at the funky kit Jony and Steve wanted to sell, swallowed the vomit and made it happen – consistently. His list of credits is the list of products that turned Apple around after Jobs’s return. Good design is about 20% ideas and 80% implementation. Mansfield was the implementer. That’s about as high a praise as I can muster for anyone.

Thanks for the great years, the great products and for helping turn the company I’ve grown to love into the best consumer electronics maker in the world. You will be missed.

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Jun 282012

Remember Eric Holder? He’s the guy who heads up the government agency that’s going after Apple and 3 other publishers for colluding to set the price of e-books. They have a trial date set for June of next year. He may not be around to see it, not with the kind of day he had.

Today the House of Representatives found Holder in contempt for refusing to turn over documents related to the “Fast and Furious” gun-running sting that ended up getting a Border Patrol Agent killed. I don’t know much about politics, being an Apple blogger and all, but I guess that’s frowned upon.

Hatchet-free cartoon credit: Orlando Sentinel-Dana Summers

The DoJ’s case against Apple is a joke to begin with, so Holder may want to take this opportunity to focus his efforts on issues that aren’t totally retarded. I guarantee that his agency isn’t going to come off sounding any more credible after Apple gets through with them – they’ve already shredded your accusations point by embarrassing point. Maybe he should consider spending more time with his attorney during this time of “misunderstanding”. Either way, we Apple folks promise to pretend like it never happened.

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Jun 282012

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who grimaced when Google’s Joe Britt uttered the words “It just works” when describing the company’s orb of improbability, the Nexus Q. With its spherical design and curious addition of a speaker and amp – and of course its $299 price tag – the Q seems to be the antithesis of the AppleTV. Unfortunately for Google, according to The Verge, it looks like they’ve carried that “opposite of Apple” philosophy all the way:

Video was another matter. We were able to stream YouTube video through the Q without concern, but television shows and movies had considerable issues. There were noticeable video artifacts when watching an episode of The Walking Dead, and the Q repeatedly halted playback to buffer the video stream (all on a 35 Mbps connection here in our west coast offices).

I love the use of the word “considerable.” With tech sites that try to maintain an unbiased outlook, “considerable” is tantamount to “unusable”. Maybe the Google Play servers were slammed from all those people queuing up to buy one. Or something.

The Q is also billed as the first “Social Media Player”, so that should make up for the device’s fundamental flaw of not being able to play video very well.

One of Google’s selling points this morning was the Q as a “social” media streamer, allowing multiple people to stream music to the Q to partake in the fun. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to utilize this functionality initially. Additional Jelly Bean devices refused to pair with the Q until we’d hard reset all involved devices several times.

It just works!

/hard reset

It just works!

/hard reset


But like the Pontiac Aztek, it was mostly made in the U.S.A., something that The Verge and every single other press outlet must add to its description of the Q, usually within 10 words of the $299 price, as if a $200 premium on a piece of flawed consumer electronics could be somehow be justified that way. The movement to bring manufacturing back to this country knows no better ally than Google?

I think we’re going to need a bigger roflcopter.

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