Jul 092012

It looks like Samsung is paving the road to launching its new flagship S III with some commercials that don’t try to rip on Apple products. And they were so effective, too. No, these spots actually show you what the device can do. Who does ads like that now? Shocking.

“Dongle issues.” Hilarious. You mean you can show what you’re doing on your S III right on your plasma TV just like you can with AirPlay? That would be kind of useful.

All that’s required is WiFi? Actually, no. You also need to have a Smart TV – like say one of the ones Samsung sells. Curiously, I don’t see that mentioned in the disclaimer. Might be kind of important for people whose companies haven’t bought a Samsung TV in the last 2 years – which is to say 99% of all companies. People who actually want the features of Samsung’s “AllAirPlay” now can plunk down $99 for an AppleTV and use the iOS devices they already own. But don’t let a minor detail like “having to purchase a new $1,500 TV” bog down your clever ads, Sammy. Everyone already knows that truth-telling isn’t in your DNA.

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