Jul 302012

For Apple nerds, this has been a pretty exciting week leading up to the Samsung v. Apple trial. In Samsung’s desperation to show that they’re anything but shameless copiers of Apple’s designs, Samsung sought to introduce into evidence a boatload of sketches, CAD drawings and prototype photos showing how Apple’s design for the iPhone and iPad have evolved. While educational, this latest sleight-of-hand shows us nothing besides how thorough Apple’s design process is, judging by how many form factors got junked on the way to the products we use – and Samsung can’t help but rip off – today.

Samsung’s intention was to show that some of the designs were reminiscent of “Sony-style” design, which would be compelling if any of the process leading up to the iPhone’s final design were relevant to the product that shipped. It may be lost on Samsung (it’s not), but the reason they’re going to be lining the defendants’ seats with their asses this week (and for the foreseeable future) is not because of what Apple sketched on the way to a shipping product, but the design of the shipping products themselves. Maybe if Samsung left some of those details on cocktail napkins instead of making them integral to the design of their products, they wouldn’t be in the position they’re in. One could also easily argue that they’re the only profitable Android OEM for the exact same reason.

In a ruling that shows that common sense is indeed alive in the U.S. patent court system, judge Lucy Koh threw out Samsung’s bid to distract jurors with something that has nothing to do with the facts in evidence.

“We are very disappointed by the court’s decision, which bans the use of evidence critical towards proving that Apple’s design is neither new nor unique,” a Samsung representative told AllThingsD, totally ignoring the fact that Apple’s actual products don’t resemble Samsung’s “smoking gun” at all.

But these are the gambles taken by the blatantly guilty on the eve of their judgment. I hope for the sake of Samsung’s defense that their evidence rises somewhat higher than these laughable submissions.

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