Oct 242012

Wasn’t there a bunch of Windows Surface reviews yesterday? And who the hell are you?

This is one of Frank X. Shaw’s tweets about Windows 8 today. Even though the reviews for the Surface – the vehicle for Windows’ tablet version known as Windows RT – have been flooding in over the past 24 hours, Shaw’s been strangely quiet about the product meant to compete with the iPad. He must be poring over all that love and warmth being gushed from the fingertips of reviewers around the world – or not. How bad is it? Let me put it this way: Gizmodo. 2.5 stars. Here’s the goods from Gizmodo…


Anyway, I’ll give Shaw credit: he did mention The Verge’s review by Joshua Topolsky, which wasn’t exactly kind either. But 2 and a hook from Gizmodo? That’s rough.

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