Nov 192012

MG Siegler used to write for TechCrunch, started to do a whole bunch of other stuff while humor ing the site with intermittent submissions, then announced he was going to start writing for them again. This will only be great for the site, which had turned into a ghost town when he and a bunch of other respected TC writers hit the bricks.

The 2 things you can count on when MG does something for TechCruch are 1. a million comments and 2. the most seething caldron of hate bubbling from these comments the likes of which I rarely see. You can almost hear the throbbing of a thousand forehead veins as you scroll through the strained cries of “Fanboy!!!” Of course, this makes for absolutely fantastic reading.

So what would happen once MG got his hands on RT and reviewed it for TC? Would he present his journalistic belly to the people waiting to pounce on anything he writes – softening his negativity like Pogue or Mossberg have for the sake of an appearance of even-handedness? I’ll let you read for yourself. Hint: he may have induced double-digit aneurysms by the time you read it.

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