Feb 142013

Everyone knows Adobe overcharges for their software. Some pros swear by it, but 99% of people really don’t need it when cheaper offerings like Pixelmator offer most of Photoshop’s functionality at a fraction of the cost. Everyone also knows from the numerous times Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen flapped his caketrap about Flash for Mobile not sucking someday that he’s a disingenuous, if not openly deceitful, caricature of a real CEO.


File photo courtesy of Adobe and Pixelmator (natch)

So I was mildly amused to see some tech outlets reporting on how M. Night Narayen hilariously ducked a question about why Adobe’s Creative Suite was more than $1,400 more expensive for Australians than it was for the rest of the world.

Screeny Shot Feb 14, 2013 3.35.09 PM

“Indulge me for a few minutes while I clumsily speak around the answer to your question.”

I mean – did people really expect an informed, straightforward answer given this clown’s history? I’m surprised Narayen and Ballmer didn’t take the same Volkswagen Beetle to their appearance at the RIM launch of the PlayMobileBook last year. See if for yourself in all its awkward glory.

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