Mar 142013

Google recently took some decisive steps to ban a category of apps from its Google Play store. No, they haven’t finally found a way to root out the malware that’s been plaguing the platform, but they have banned apps that have the temerity to block ads i.e. the lifeblood of Google. This news is a variation on the theme of Google being quick to act when there are apps in their store that harm the business models of other companies – such as those that trample on copyrighted and trademarked properties. Take a look at how diligent Google is protecting the Disney brand, for example:

Screeny Shot Mar 14, 2013 10.28.12 AMScreeny Shot Mar 14, 2013 10.29.03 AM   Screeny Shot Mar 14, 2013 10.28.25 AM

If you look at Disney’s guidelines for legal use of their characters’s likenesses, you’ll see that one has to obtain written permission from the company to use them. Call me a skeptic, but I have my doubts that CJ Apps, Sebastian Pieniak and White Oak Technology all secured the permissions required, never mind the hundreds of other developers that appear to be shitting all over Disney’s brand for their financial gain. This is one brand. If you’re bored, I’m sure you could spend a day making a list of the other artists and brands that get a pass from Google.

To be fair, Google has done their best to bury the offending apps: I had to go all the way to page 2 of the Google Play store to find them. I guess that’s something.

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