Mar 282013

Bloomberg posted an article about Samsung’s rise to become the #1 maker of smartphones and it’s worth a read if you can hold your nose a little. It’s a decidedly puffy piece that brushes off Samsung chairman Lee Kun Hee’s “legal difficulties” with a clause and the Apple-Samsung patent case with seven lines of summary. No mention anywhere of how Samsung’s labor practices have come under fire (indeed, no mention of labor existing outside of Korea at all), nothing about its FRAND patent abuse, nor any judgment on the S 4 event aside from “Samsung is probably the only other company that can throw a product introduction and have people line up around a city block”. I should hit these guys up for my biography.

Clearly the output of S-Translate

Clearly the output of S-Translate

Still, it’s an interesting exploration of some of the reasons that Samsung is the only Android OEM to actually make money.

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