Apr 162013

Is there a company that illustrates its mindset as hilariously as Microsoft when it comes to updating their software (I mean, besides Adobe, but their Acrobat updates are at least only annoying in their sheer number)? I have the ill fortune of having to use Office 2008 to cater to the will of the other 95% of the enterprise – mostly because I have yet to figure out how to unregister and transfer my Office 2011 license from an old machine. I guess if Redmond made that easy, Microsoft’s Office division might start posting Entertainment and Device-type earnings.

Check out this sequence I had to follow to update 2008’s updater…so I could update Office.

  1. Get prompt to update Microsoft Office Updater to version 2.3.3. This must be done by copying and pasting a URL to Microsoft’s website instead of, you know, using the updater to do it.
  2. Highlight URL in prompt, hit Command-C to copy, go to Safari, hit Command-V in “Omnibar”.
  3. Notice that keyboard shortcuts for some reason do not compute, as the last thing I copied before the URL is pasted into the Omnibar.
  4. Go back to update prompt, highlight URL, right-click and manually select “Copy”.
  5. Paste into Safari Omnibar.
  6. Install version 2.3.3.
  7. Run Office Updater version 2.3.3 (again through an Office program’s “Help” menu).
  8. Get prompt to download another “latest” version of Updater, 2.3.6, which is thankfully available through the Updater itself.
  9. Download version 2.3.6 of Office Updater.
  10. Install version of 2.3.6.
  11. Go into a Microsoft Office program and go to Help -> Check for Updates because Updater is not an application available via Spotlight search for whatever reason.
  12. Download update to Office 2008 12.1.0.

It’d be a lot funnier if I didn’t have to use this dog.

Additional bitch: Microsoft also apparently doesn’t believe in combo updaters. 12.1.0 prompted the install of 12.2.0, which prompted the install of 12.3.6. Three separate updates totaling over 1 GB, three separate admin authorizations, three separate installs.

Shit. Show.

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  1. Regarding the Spotlight search that didn’t, I had that recently, too, on a poorly constructed app from a company that clearly caters to Windows primarily. Interestingly, while Spotlight (command+space) wouldn’t find the app, Launchpad (under 10.8) found it by typing the first few letters of the app name!

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