Jul 292013

I heard a lot about the game Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP when it came out for the iPad. I confess I didn’t have much love for it: it was one of the games that didn’t survive the “Great App Purge of Summer 2011” (a bi-annual event for a 16GB iPad). Much like my taste in movies, all things being equal your odds with me are better if your entertainment looks good. No 8-bit game looks good. I’ve been there. We’ve moved on. I guess I have an undeveloped Nostalgia gland.

Anyway, the game was released on all platforms – mobile and desktop – and reviewed very well by people with higher-developed aesthetic senses than yours truly. Recently, the developer released some sales statistics for all versions of the game. They kind of speak for themselves.

Android Wins Again!

Android Wins Again!

From the percentages of users who opt to pay full price for the app to the net revenue percentages, Google paints a pretty clear picture as to why a developer with limited means should choose to target their sales to Android devices. It’s basically a blank canvas.

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