Jul 292013

I’ve made no apologies about my love for Daniel Eran Dilger’s work – both on his own RoughlyDrafted Magazine (RDM) site and over at Apple Insider. His dogged chronicling of Apple’s history – especially Microsoft’s antics in the 90s and 00s followed by their wane (and Google’s rise) over the last 10 years – is required reading for anyone that really wants to understand Apple and their competitive environment. He’s not yet one of mainstream Apple bloggers (like say Gruber, Siegler or Dalrymple), I think because many perceive his work as having too heavy a pro-Apple bias. I almost never see his work reblogged by anyone but Dalrymple, but thanks to his dress-down of Strategy Analytics’ latest idiocy, I think that’s about to change.

Not only did he get picked up by Philip Elmer-Dewitt’s Apple 2.0 blog, he got a link from Gruber. This happened despite a rather terse slap fight between Gruber and Dilger a few years ago, where Gruber ended stumbling away like the lion cub that fucked with the badger (in my opinion anyway). This is the first time since the incident I can remember DED getting link love from Daring Fireball. Congratulations to Dilger on getting recognition for his consistently excellent work and to Gruber for being big enough not let personal history get in the way of pointing people to great writing.

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  3 Responses to “The Best Writer on the Apple Beat Gets Some Props”

  1. I’m also a HUGE fan of Dilger’s early work, and would also recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone who wants a great picture of what things were like during the dark days of Microsoft dominance, and the popular false Apple myths that had to be knocked down by intelligent observers such as Dilger.

    In recent years, though, his RDM work was often marred by uncomfortable, unnecessarily hateful and vitriolic asides which weren’t very relevant to what he was ostensibly talking about. This, I think, is also a large part of why he hasn’t been regarded as highly as others covering Apple.

    Thankfully, his recent work at Apple Insider seems more focused and in line with his excellent earlier work, which may be due in part to editorial oversight from the Apple Insider team. Whatever the reason, here’s hoping he can continue to stay true to his original style of writing and reporting which deservedly made him so highly regarded in those days.

  2. 100% agreed on his sidebars. When it comes to Apple-related analysis, I have a pretty strong stomach for agendas if the people writing have a contribution to make. This is probably I’ve been able to tolerate years of DF posts on the Yankees, Kubrick, kerning, etc. Like you, I miss the RDM days because DED’s writing wasn’t beholden to any other influence. I can say without question that reading his early diatribes led me to start TMA.

  3. DED has the literary smackdown refined to high art. There is little greater joy than seeing him dismantle poorly researched, considered, and argued commentary.

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