Aug 032013

In June the USITC, in its infinite wisdom, declared an import ban on some older model iPhones and iPads based on a Samsung Standard-Essential Patent (SEP). I recommended that the people representing us in the government set the ITC straight about which country’s intellectual property they protect. It turns out the same people who brought us the Apple v. Samsung debacle, the Apple tax avoidance debacle and the Apple ebook price-fixing debacle are capable of doing something right. The Obama administration¬†announced that the ban¬†has been overturned, the first veto of an ITC action since the Reagan administration. Samsung can still pursue their claims through the courts, but judging by their history of success on that front, they may just want to pocket the legal fees instead.

I’m sure Apple would rather have its California jury ruling actually result in Samsung being penalized for egregiously knocking it off – or have been vindicated of the ebook charges levied against it – but I guess with how fucktarded our government is, it shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

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