Sep 282011

I remember reading that Microsoft made more money from licensing agreements related to Android than it did from its own Windows Phone 7. Now another shrimp is grilling on the barbie. Samsung, the largest maker of Android phones, is now the 7th manufacturer to agree to some sort of license deal with Microsoft, leaving soon-to-be-acquired Motorola as the only major player still in Redmond’s sights. As FOSS Patent’s Florian Mueller points out, this makes it pretty clear that Samsung doesn’t have faith that Googlerola is the answer to its prayers, while also making the likelihood of Google having to ante up to Microsoft for its blushing bride a certainty.

I guess “Google’s deep commitment to defending Android, its partners, and the ecosystem” doesn’t reflect Samsung’s deep commitment to sit around and wait for it to happen.

Feb 022011

TMA and Microsoft have their differences. Hell, it’s the biggest tag on this site – and it’s not close. But even Redmond is wise to Google’s nonsensical move to yank support for H.264 as an HTML5 standard. In a blog post, Internet Explorer’s chief Dean Hachamovitch, a man whose last name is a microcosm of IE’s usability, weighed in on Google’s beneficence, calling it “a red herring; a tactic in their war with Apple”. TMA said “Anyone who thinks Google’s announcement to ditch H.264 is about the “Open Web” and not about making a power play against Apple’s mobile devices has their head up their ass.”

Even Microsoft is calling bullshit.

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