Mar 312011

TMA has already given his stamp of approval on Amazon’s move to provide free/cheap cloud storage for music (and other things). Turns out the music labels were a little miffed at the move, being that Amazon neglected to negotiate any kind of deal with them to do it. Sony seems most overtly pissed, but you can assume that in an industry that kicks and screams anytime someone wants to monkey with their definition of ownership, that’s how all the labels are feeling. TMA shares the opinion of a lot of technorati: this issue of media ownership needs to be tucked in for a dirt nap now. Amazon’s got the legal firepower to bring the issue to a head if the labels want to go to the courts with it.

TMA’s advice to the labels? Keep using your RIAA scumbags to hunt down file-sharing individuals who don’t possess the resources to bury you…errrr…I mean…Lawyer up and fight that evil Amazon! Yeah!

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