Mar 282013

Bloomberg posted an article about Samsung’s rise to become the #1 maker of smartphones and it’s worth a read if you can hold your nose a little. It’s a decidedly puffy piece that brushes off Samsung chairman Lee Kun Hee’s “legal difficulties” with a clause and the Apple-Samsung patent case with seven lines of summary. No mention anywhere of how Samsung’s labor practices have come under fire (indeed, no mention of labor existing outside of Korea at all), nothing about its FRAND patent abuse, nor any judgment on the S 4 event aside from “Samsung is probably the only other company that can throw a product introduction and have people line up around a city block”. I should hit these guys up for my biography.

Clearly the output of S-Translate

Clearly the output of S-Translate

Still, it’s an interesting exploration of some of the reasons that Samsung is the only Android OEM to actually make money.

Mar 272012

I’ve ragged on Microsoft’s ads, but Samsung’s are pretty shitastic too. Their Galaxy S II series that poked fun at people who don’t wait in line for Sammy’s products culminated in a giant shartgasm of recently washed-up rock stars and soon-to-be washed-up Chicago Bears linebackers.

I was making the exact same hand motion as Mr. Hawkins while watching the commercial.

So how does Samsung market their 5.3″ pants-busting Galaxy Note? By appealing to device’s target audience, naturally!

So the takeaway here is…gigantic enough for an elephant to poke? Multi-trunk capable?

He does look a little less ridiculous than the average person holding that stylus though.

Aug 122011

When Steve Jobs proclaimed of the iPhone during its introduction in 2007 “we patented the hell out of it”, he officially ushered in Apple’s new intellectual property worldview. Gone were the days of letting Microsoft abscond with your company’s UI. With iOS, things were going to be different.

The first shot across the bow was fired in March of last year when Apple filed suit against HTC claiming infringements on patents covering the iPhone’s interface and hardware. Then, in April, Apple filed against Samsung and their Galaxy devices, a suit that recently banned the Galaxy Tab 10.1 from being sold in Australia and the European Union. Samsung’s response to the EU preliminary injunction was an interesting variation of the “that’s not fair!” bellyaching popularized by Mountain View: they claimed they didn’t know anything about the suit and therefore did not have the chance to defend themselves. For anyone in possession of 2 firing neurons, Samsung’s protestation was suspect. Either the injunction was served without the company involved knowing anything about it or Samsung as a company was so incompetent as to not know they were the targets of an impending injunction that would ban the sale of a flagship device in 26 countries (the Netherlands has it own suit pending).

Thanks to the legwork of patent bloodhound Florian Mueller, we know that Samsung is not dumb, just dishonest. According to his FOSS Patent blog, Samsung filed a pre-emptive opposition to the preliminary injunction a week before it was issued, an action that obviously failed to persuade the court.

Samsung vows that 2 damning injunctions on the Tab aren’t that big of a deal and that they’ll continue to defend their innovation… blah blah…something about competing in the marketplace: the standard quote you get from Android manufacturers when they get pantsed.  Now that their product is banned on 2 continents, a smart company would use that as an excuse to stop embarrassing itself in the market with these turds.

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