Mar 222011

In the interest of evolving this blog from “thing I do to anonymously piss on Microsoft and Google” to “thing I want to keep doing to anonymously piss on Microsoft and Google”, you may have noticed the 160 x 600 pixels of irony in the upper left-hand corner. So I encourage you to “learn more” about the Nexus S, mostly because I may get $.00026 for it and I know it won’t make any difference to those of you who read (and enjoy) TheMacadvocate.

Thank God it wasn’t an ad for Windows Phone 7.

Nov 152010

I use WordPress, which can be a downright Byzantine way to get content through these intertubes. Its version updates randomly crap out and the quality of the plug-ins are uneven, to be kind. But it is free, so I guess it’s as close to using Android as I’ll get. After several miscellaneous annoyances and “Internal Error 500s” when attempting to update anything, my troubleshooting has revealed that my beloved but ultimately deficient theme to be to root cause, so I decided to do some theme shopping. What you are beholding is the state of a work in progress.

I apologize for those of you who had to endure a series of ugly themes and mangled content over the past few days, but I think the worst is behind us.

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