Apr 072011

The first quarter of 2011 has come and gone and surprise: no PlayBook. Some people speculate that the success of the iPad 2 is causing RIM to balk, but this is stupid. Half the people that want the new iPad haven’t been able to get one, and you’re going to wait until the market is even more flooded with them before you release your competing product? Not likely, but that’s the kind of dreck you see posited by the tech press nowadays.

The real reason is Flash. The bugaboo in the saddle of every consumer electronics maker since the release of the iPhone is shitting on yet another launch. It seems every iPad-knockoff or shartphone™ is preceded by prancing CEO’s crowing on stage about “the full Internet”. Too bad there has yet to be a full release of Flash included with any of them.

“We’re not trying to dumb down the internet for a small mobile device,” says Mike Lazaridis, RIM’s CEO, during the PlayBook demonstration. “What we’re trying to do is bring up the performance and capability of the mobile device to the internet.”

I don’t think Lazaridis’ product is going to perform any better, so he better hope Adobe gets its shit together between now and when the next 2 and a half million iPad 2’s make it into peoples’ hands, or the PlayBook launch is going to make the Xoom look like the iPad 2.

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