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There are plenty of opinions in the Appleverse.  These are the sites I actually read:

Roughly Drafted

Daniel Eran Dilger is‚ IMO‚ the most articulate pro-Apple voice on the web today.  Not only do you get periodic dismemberments of the unenlightened‚ his articles also put together one of the most coherent and readable histories of the computing and consumer electronics industries.


Frequently updated site: check. Super-snarky commentary: check. Mostly intelligent commenter base: check. The fact that they pull almost all of their material from other sites is made up for by the cutting commentary and unflagging fanboyery.

Daring Fireball

I don’t agree with mixing your personal views on politics into your blog or obnoxiously cheering for America’s Pastime-ruining teams for which you have no geographic affiliation whatsoever, but when it comes to Apple and tech, John Gruber’s combination of attitude, connectedness and common sense make his one of the pages I’m compelled to check a couple times a day.


I fondly remember the feeling of seeing a newly-released Macworld magazine in my favorite NYC magazine store as a 20-something. Although their online compliment has recently taken up a nasty habit of including content from lesser sites like PCWorld.com and PC Advisor, the majority of their site – especially the product reviews – are top-notch. They’re also one of the more prolific providers of original Apple content (with the exception to some of the stuff noted above) as opposed to the many Apple news aggregators on the web.

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