Jul 212011

If you guessed Adobe, you win a prize. Yes, the house that Steve razed – everybody’s 2nd favorite target of mocking for their sheer incompetence and duplicity – has transitioned into Apple’s latest version of its operating system with a grace reminiscent of a vintage Jim Carrey skit. The list of problem programs include: Acrobat, Adobe Drive, Contribute, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash Builder, Flash Catalyst, Flash Player, Illustrator, Lightroom, LiveCycle, Photoshop and Premiere Pro. So basically the entire company’s portfolio.

Mind you, Lion has been circulating in developer betas since February, so the only thing standing between you and perfectly-functioning versions of your Adobe bloatware is Adobe’s utter apathy. Seeing as they have yet to deliver a functional version of Flash to mobile devices, this should come as no surprise.

Thanks for continuing to make it easy to mock you, Shantanu.

  4 Responses to “Now Which Major Developer Do You Think Would Have Problems with Lion?”

  1. Adobe releases lengthly list of Apple Lion woes…

    One day after Apple’s Mac OS X Lion was released into the wild, Steve Jobs’ bête noire, Adobe, has released an extensive list of wounds that the huge cat has clawed into its products.The appropriately titled “Known Issues with Adobe products on Mac …

  2. Flash works fine on Android. Not sure what you’re complaining about.

  3. I’d be complaining a lot more if I was using Android. And what non-beta version of Flash would you be using. It’s possible that I’m misinformed.

  4. “Flash works fine on Android.”


    Love your sarcasm there, Circuitsoft. 😉

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