Nov 072011

Did you hear about the epic new threat to Google’s search empire? According to former CEO and current…whatever…Eric Schmidt, it’s poised to bring down Google’s entire business model. It’s a beta feature of Apple’s iPhone 4S called Siri. It allows you to interact with your phone in a way that isn’t totally if x -> y and it even has a sense of humor, which make it the polar opposite of Google’s implementation of voice commands in Android.

So how did we come to hear about this shocking admission from the former CEO? Was this leaked from a confidential memo in which Schmidt outlines the potential threats to Google’s business model? An email perhaps?

It was actually during Schmidt’s testimony in front of part deux of the dog and pony U.S. Senate antitrust subcommittee, so you know he has no other motivation to mention products that compete with the platform that his company dominates globally. He actually referred to Siri by name no less than 17 times, just to make sure that the really bright people representing our interests in the Senate understood.

You may be able to waste the time of elected officials who think that HTTP refers to new brand of adult diaper, but anyone familiar with your MO knows that this is another one of your bullshit sleight of hands to deflect attention from the fact that your company is the global monopoly in search.

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