Feb 222012

I was a little concerned about the piece that ran on Nightline Tuesday night documenting conditions inside Apple’s Foxconn facility, especially when the ABC got through all of its disclosure about the intersection between Apple and Disney’s interests. I thought “they have to slam Apple just to appear impartial”.

In the end, I think it was fair assessment, one that included not only conditions within the plant, but those of the villages outside the plant where a number of its employees come from. Context like that will probably only make student groups and assorted slacktivists howl about smoke and mirrors. Where are the 12 year old workers?! Where are the 15-bed cement tomb dorms?!  I guess they can rest assured that when it comes to Apple, someone will always be looking to cash in off of their westerner guilt or get them to sign another online petition. Keep doing your parts, guys. And by that I mean the parts that do nothing besides make you feel better that your parents have money.

Via Nightline*

*Updated with link to full report.

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