Jan 122013

The Next Web (TNW) publishes a monthly tablet-only magazine. They started, like every developer, on the iPad. And like most developers, they eventually gave in to the fandroids’ “build an Android version” harpy song. Beginning in 2013, TNW won’t be publishing their magazine for Android and their reason should resonate with every developer that actually wants to make money in mobile:

All of that [the pain in the ass it is to develop for the bazillion Android form factors] wouldn’t have been a problem if we had seen a market for our magazine on Android. And we did believe there would be one. We had gotten enough requests for it and had gotten the impression there were thousands of anxious Android tablets owners holding their breath for an Android version of our magazine. Unfortunately we’ve found out that although Android users are very vocal they aren’t very active when it comes to downloading and reading magazines.

Bitchy and cheap. That’s an awesome combination for a customer base.

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