Feb 242013

If you ask the crowd of hit-hungry tech journalists that have infested every news outlet on the planet, each new product released by an Apple competitor has the potential to totally destroy the Apple product in that niche. There’s a right way and a wrong way to write these pieces, at least if you’re trying to convince people that  your topic sentence has any resemblance to the truth.

Brooke Crothers writes for CNET, which as a source is enough for me just to throw down the mic and walk off stage without another word written, but there’s a bigger point to be made. If you’re going to go after Apple, try to keep your thoughts in line with your premise.

Thank you, Google. For obsoleting my MacBook [sic].

Whoa. That’s your opener? I can declare that this mystery Google product is already the victor – by default: Apple doesn’t sell the MacBook anymore. If Crothers means the MacBook Pro or the MacBook Air, let’s see what all the fuss is about.

Question: What two killer hardware features are missing on MacBooks? My answer: a touch screen and 4G.

The weaponized touch screen: the feature that has propelled the new crop of Windows 8 notebooks to unprecedented sales. And 4G: something totally unavailable to you unless you have it built into your laptop. Sounds like serious problems for the incumbent.

What a coincidence. Just what Google is offering on the Chromebook Pixel.

Ah, the Chromebook Pixel. Listen, I’m not going to bash the Pixel. It’s good to see Mountain View trying to up the ante with its Chromebook offerings after allowing OEMs to totally devalue them in the eyes of consumers. I’ll just leave this here: it’s a $1,300 Chromebook. Man, this mic is feeling really heavy.

While Chrome OS is still a work in progress (and lacks key features that many users need),

The parenthetical link (that Crothers won’t be getting) is to the CNET review of the Pixel. The summary: “Should you buy the Pixel? In a word, no.”

Google certainly has my attention.

Which is something Google specializes in. Getting your attention. Like a precocious, ADD-addled 8 year old – or the writer of CNET articles whose premises promise reasons the Chromebook is Apple’s doom, then proceeds to underwhelm you with the actual facts. Constantly releasing unsustainable products into niches that get axed by the company within 6 months is good for getting attention in the way a certain boy used to cry wolf. Apple specializes in keeping your attention, evidenced by their top-rated everything. Google should try specializing in that.

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