Feb 272013

AllSharePlay. S-Voice. At least 80 instances of iOS’s UI. The list of features lifted from Apple is as long as Samsung is shameless. So color me unfazed by Sammy’s latest form of flattery, which was announced at the Mobile World Congress today: Samsung’s Wallet.

Images courtesy of Engadget and The Verge, respectively.

Images courtesy of Engadget and The Verge, respectively.

Not to be confused with Google Wallet, which hasn’t exactly set the mobile payment landscape on fire, Samsung’s Wallet not only “borrowed” a bit of Apple’s design, but also a good deal of its functionality. From The Verge:

The Wallet app is designed to let users store things such as event tickets, boarding passes, membership cards, and coupons in one central location, much in the same fashion as Apple’s Passbook app for iOS. In addition, Wallet offers time and location-based push notifications (again, just like Passbook) to alert users as to when they are able to use the passes stored in their account, and it provides real-time updates for membership points and boarding pass changes.

I think Samsung should have considered some other names to distinguish itself from Google’s offering, even though it’s likely to enjoy its same level of non-engagement. Some suggestions:

  • Jackassbook
  • Apple Exhibit ZZJ
  • Stock Android Crotchchop
  • Wallet – No, The Other One

Samsung’s photocopying puts Microsoft’s historic absconding of the Mac OS UI to shame. Can’t say I blame them: the only people more hypocritical when paying lip service to innovation in this country are the people ruling on Apple’s patent defense cases. There is absolutely no downside, and our joke of a patent defense system guarantees that won’t change anytime soon.

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