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Of all the tech hatchet sites spewing Apple-bashing garbage, the worst of the big names by far is Forbes. They’re an absolute rag – and it’s not close. To give you a sense of how bad it is, The Macalope dedicated his entire piece to their writers this week. The contributions Forbes has made in recent months to the body of garbage written about Apple have thrown any editorial credibility they may have carried into a shallow grave.

What makes Forbes’s fecal butter-churn even worse is the “internet repost effect”, something I alluded to in a 2011 (!) post on “Locationgate”. Without much thought, other sites simply copy content from those scut-peddlers and pass it off as fact.  Take Nigam Arora’s recent article, which not only alleged that Apple purposely leaked the iWatch story to the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, but that they did so out of “desperation” (yes, that was the word  he actually used). Where’s that link?


Guess the anatomical points in this animation where the link to Nigam’s piece is located

So who would link to this crap? Here’s a partial list:

  • Fox News (insert your politically-charged crack here)
  • TechnoBuffalo – whatever the fuck a TechnoBuffalo is
  • Times of India
  • Bangkok Post

There were, as usual, a number of aggregators that picked it up, but my Neato picks up some pretty nasty crap too, so I can’t scrutinize them nearly as thoroughly.

You’d think that maybe Forbes had a bad week, but the idiocy continued on Monday when one of their “guest writers”, an “adjunct professor” named Brad Chase penned the 10,000th piece predicting Apple’s imminent fall from grace. I put those 2 terms in quotes because they’re basically riffs on the same phenomenon: neither the rag nor the institution think enough of Chase’s work to pay him for a full-time contribution. And we can quickly see why (tip ‘o the boomstick to Dave Caolo at 52tiger):

Apple’s time comes later this week, when it is likely to drop from the number one spot on Fortune’s list of “World’s Most Admired Companies.”

Juxtaposed against today’s Forbes actual announcement of the World’s Most Admired Companies:


Top 50 rank: 1
Rank in Computers: 1
(Previous rank: 1)
Overall score: 8.24

Why it’s admired:
Apple has had a rough time lately with its stock price in a free fall and the widely publicized failure of its Maps feature. However, it remains a financial juggernaut, posting $13 billion in net income last quarter, making it the most profitable company in the world during that period. The company has its fanatical customer base, and it still refuses to compete on price, making the iconic iPhone and iPad products that are still widely seen as prestige devices. Competition may be stiff, but so far it remains behind: In Q4 2012, the iPhone 5 was the world’s best selling smartphone, followed in second place by the iPhone 4S.

– See more at: http://oopsIlostthelink_fuckyou.com

Way to back your guest writers’ contributions, Forbes.

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