Mar 242013

Under the heading of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, Ed Bott has a pretty damning timeline of Google’s talk-up, and subsequent rug-pull of its support for both Google Reader and its back-end RSS support. Of course, Ed Bott can’t help but take a shot at his employer’s beat’s other arch-nemesis, regarding the future of NetNewsWire in a post-Google Reader world :

Wisely, the developers of that product have decided not to make the same mistake twice. They’ve dropped their plans to rely on Apple’s iCloud.

Unfortunately, as a service that Apple relies on to provide core sync for its for-pay hardware, and as such unlikely to go away ever, the comparison to Google’s free services is a little south of genuine. You can’t blame Ed: after a couple hundred words hitting the nail on the head, he was bound to smash his thumb eventually.

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