Sep 062013

You all remember when Google released some FAQs for Glass in an attempt to disabuse people of the notion that these face-bound recording devices weren’t at all a privacy threat to non-Glass-wearing denizens. The fact that Google posted a question and answer specifically addressing the issue of privacy shows they’re aware of the public’s concerns:

Q: What have you done to inform non-Glass users if a picture or video is being taken?
A: We have built explicit signals in Glass to make others aware of what’s happening. First, the device’s screen is illuminated whenever it’s in use, and that applies to taking a picture or recording a video. Second, Glass requires the user to either speak a command — “OK Glass, take a picture” or “OK Glass, record a video” — or to take an explicit action by pressing the button on the top of Glass’s frame. In each case the illuminated screen, voice command or gesture all make it clear to those around the device what the user is doing.

People who know that what Google says usually has nothing to do with the actions supporting those statements won’t be surprised to learn that Google just made it easier to be a creep. Glass’s Android companion app has been updated – and one of the features allow wearers to control the camera from their shartphones. Now Glassholes can look all chill around those hotties without tipping their hands about what they’re really doing.

Guess it’s time to update those FAQs, something that would currently be best edited by a full strike. I’m sure Google will get right on that.

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